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Welcome to Hint of Lavender,

I learned early on in my adulthood that gathering people in my home was going to be a part of my life. I enjoy getting people together and celebrating. Much to the detriment of my husband, I plan an event for everything. The most important thing for any party, event or gathering is food. Am I right? Everyone gathers in the kitchen, it’s our primal instinct I think.


When you gather people in your home and you are ready to dine your table should be a reflection of you. Here at Hint of Lavender, you can find paper plates, cups and napkins that elevate any table setting. You will also find recipes for appetizers, cocktails and more. Social cards and the Let’s Gather events.

Last year I created a new line of products called the Social Cards; decks of cards that start conversations with thought-provoking questions. These cards can help you deepen connections with people you love. I hope you find the inspiration you need to gather the people you love in your homes. Get the table set, bust out your social cards, and get ready to gather.





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