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3 Hints to Organizing Your Kitchen Drawers

It’s 2021! The holidays are over so is 2020. It’s time for a new fresh start. If you follow me on Instagram @katie.mcminn, then you know we remodeled our kitchen. My husband Thomas and I spend August-October demo-ing, rerouting electric and plumbing, laying flooring, painting and installing appliances. We basically did everything but install the cabinets and countertops.

Naturally I am wanting to keep this new kitchen pretty and organized. I have never actually organized our kitchen drawers and this was the perfect opportunity. I found bamboo drawer trays that worked perfectly. Watch the full tutorial to see what I did exactly.

Hints to Organizing Your Kitchen Drawers

1. Empty the drawers and put everything on your countertops or a blanket on the floor.

2. Place your organizing units.

3. Categorize your kitchen items. My categories included:

Serving utensils

Mixing beaters

Peelers and juicer

Can and bottle openers

Pie and cake cutters

Pizza cutter and a few knives

Thermometer (just to name a few)

If you find a few items that you can’t categorize, make a misc. section. The ladies from the Home Edit would probably not be ok with this option, but hey we gotta do what we gotta do. Am I right?

I really like organizing and giving everything a place to be. That way when it’s time to put something back you know exactly where it fits and most importantly when you are looking for something you know exactly where to find it.

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