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Apple Cider Cocktail

This cocktail was created for the second Cookies and Cocktail IG Live. Sarah, of Sarah Ruth’s Bakery, and I chose apple as our “back to school” theme for September. It’s funny how two people can decide on something, like an apple theme, they come up with completely different ideas. Sarah was inspired by cinnamon and I took the caramel route. I have to say the differences complement each other nicely. You get a slight spice with your cookie and cool it down with a creamy caramel.


Apple Apple cider Whiskey Ginger ale or ginger beer Caramel syrup


  1. Fill a glass with ice.

  2. Rim the glass in creamy caramel syrup.

  3. Add 4 oz of apple cider, 2 oz of whiskey, and fill with ginger ale or ginger beer.

  4. Ginger ale will be crisp and ginger beer will be spicy.

  5. Add an apple slice as garnish

Tell your guests to break the apple in half and slip it into the cocktail. They can take one of the halves and glide it along the rim to collect caramel and enjoy a spiked slice of caramel apple.

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