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Tangerine Paloma

There is this restaurant by my house, the Porcupine Grill, and Thomas and I go at least once a month. They have the most heavenly Prickly Paloma cocktail. Come to think of it, Porcupine Grill is where I had my first Paloma ever. I love sitting out on the deck in the summer heat and enjoying this cocktail.

So I figure it’s summer time, I haven’t been to the Porcupine in a few months (damn Covid), why not create my own Paloma. I was thinking strawberry, then peach and settle on tangerine. Tangerine, tequila, and soda is pretty much what makes this Paloma cocktail. It is tart and tasty with just the right amount of fizz. I hope that you give this recipe a try and tell me in the comments what you think of it.


½ a dozen tangerine oranges, you’ll need to juice these 1 ½ silver tequila Tangerine soda ½ a lime


  1. Fill glass with ice.

  2. Fill the glass a third of the way up with tangerine soda.

  3. Pour in tequila and squeeze ½ of a lime in there.

  4. Top with ½ oz tangerine juice.

  5. Stir gently, garnish with lime wedge.

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