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Taste of Lemon

One of my favorite things to do is sit out on our back porch and watch the light move down the Wasatch Mountain that nestles behind our house. The lighting is perfect, the temperature is perfect and I feel perfect with a refreshing cocktail in hand.

A few evenings last summer, Thomas and I enjoyed a nice drink after the boys were in bed. We would sit and talk, listen to good music, and enjoy the peace and quiet. Now that I am not breastfeeding I am hoping to enjoy more of those fun and relaxing summer evenings with Thomas.


Mint sprigs Vodka Lemon

Ginger ale


1. Muddle a few sprigs of mint in a glass. 2. Fill the glass with ice 3. Add one shot of vodka 4. Add the juice from a half a lemon 5. Fill glass with ginger ale

6.Garish with a lemon wedge and/or mint sprig

If you want a nice refreshing cocktail I highly recommend this cocktail. The lemon and ginger ale keeps it are tart and airy, while the mint give it a nice summer feel.

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