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Thanksgiving Herb and Cranberry Martini

It’s time for November’s Cookies and Cocktails! While Sarah and I were going with a cranberry theme, I couldn’t help but want to use Thanksgiving herbs. Nothing screams Thanksgiving to me more than sage, rosemary, and thyme.

This martini is so fun to make and tastes like a Thanksgiving dinner in a martini glass. Ok maybe not a dinner…it’s a flavor packed martini for sure. Something that is fun is you can use only one herb or add more of your favorite herb.


Sage Rosemary Thyme Apple brandy Peach schnapps Orange Orange juice Cranberry juice


Add 2-4 sprigs of sage, rosemary, and thyme to a shaker. Fill a ¼ of the shaker with ice. Add 4 oz (two shots) of apple brandy. Add 2 oz (one shot) of peach schnapps. Add 2 oz of orange juice and 4 oz of cranberry juice. Shake that baby like crazy. Pour into a martini glass and add an orange slice and thyme leaves as garnish.

Thinking about it you could totally make a sage, rosemary, and thyme simple syrup and add a half a snot to the cocktail. Here's the youtube video to show you how to make the syrup.

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